Dataset Management

Dataset Management #

In addition to the support for creating datasets in the analysis workflow, there are tools available to manage your datasets in more detail.

Creating Datasets #

To create datasets, you begin by using the standard search interface. Use the search and filtering tools until your search results show the list of articles that you’d like to save for later. Then, click the “Save Results” button next to the search bar, and give the dataset a name.

While there is a dedicated step for creating datasets in the analysis workflow, you can create datasets by searching at any time, not only when using the workflow. To access the search interface without using the workflow, you can either click the “Advanced mode” button on the dashboard, or you can click “Browse/Search Database” under “Advanced Tools” on the top menu bar.

Managing Datasets #

To see which datasets you have already created, click “Manage Datasets” under “Advanced Tools” on the top menu bar. You will then see a list of datasets, including the number of documents found in each dataset. Datasets can be deleted from this page as well.

Clicking on the “Manage” button next to a dataset provides more information about it, including its creation time and size. You can also see a list of all analyses that have been started using this dataset.